Rising Up!


like air,

I rise

-Maya angelou

Your Rising Sign, or Ascendant, is the constellation that was rising on the horizon at the time you were born. It is the YOU that you show to the world. Your personality, the way you look*, and the way you dress are shown in your Ascendant.

Aries Rising

You are brave, independent, competitive, energetic, a go-getter, a leader, aggressive, alert, instinctive, and easily bored. You enjoy a challenge and may be a natural athlete.

Watch out, that fire could make you opinionated, intimidating, impulsive, reckless, hot-headed, impatient, combative, and unreliable. When you get mad, watch out! Your temper is legendary.

You have a very strong and commanding presence. You may have an athletic look. You have distinct facial features with a triangular shape, high cheekbones, thick neck, and Adam’s apple in men. Your face may have scars, birthmarks, or acne. Your skin is super sensitive and may break out in rashes or acne. Woman have beautiful hair, men may be bald or have a receding hairline. You have a reddish look to your skin or ruddy complexion. You are a risk taker when it comes to fashion and are a trendsetter.

Taurus Rising

People see you as kind, gentle, hard working, dependable, strong-willed, calm, strong, easy-going, cautious, steady, reliable, motherly, methodical, sensual, peace loving, and practical. People feel at ease around you. You like to surround yourself with the good things in life.

At your worst you are stubborn, jealous, possessive, and moody. Your extreme jealousy could be a problem in relationships. You may become too rigid because of your need for consistency.

You may be short to average height with a stout and powerful build. You have a strong physical appearance. You may be plump – watch your weight! You are attractive and have big, round, beautiful eyes. You have broad shoulders and a dark appearance. Your hair is most likely dark, wavy, or curly. You prefer comfortable clothing, but always look neat.

Gemini Rising

The Self you show the world is talkative, bright, energetic, generous, inquisitive, resourceful, extroverted, charming, entertaining, adaptable, calculating, animated, witty, and exaggerated. People love to be around you. You are the life of the party. Variety is the spice of life for you. You have many interests.

On the low side, you are gossipy, two-faced, calculating, cold, and impatient. You may become nervous and tense. You may start many projects without ever finishing them. You may become scattered and have a hard time committing to any one thing.

You are tall and slender with long limbs, face, and nose. You have a very expressive face. You love fashion and wear many different styles. Everything you do is fast – walking, talking, eating,… You tend to be limber and flexible. You typically have longer, dark brown hair with grey or hazel eyes.

Cancer Rising

You show the world that you are warm, nurturing, sensitive, private, sympathetic, protective, family-oriented, sentimental, innocent, introverted, timid, feminine, and sweet. You are the caregiver or matriarch. You wear your heart on your sleeve. You like routines.

On the flip side, you can become crabby and moody. You may become overly protective or smothering. Your emotions could overwhelm you.

You have a round, soft face and body. Woman have ample chests. Your mood shows on your face and in your eyes. Your eyes are large and watery. You tend not to look people in the eye. Your hair is usually straight, thin, and sparse. You like vintage or old-fashioned clothes and jewelry with sentimental value. Comfort is key, but be careful not to look frumpy.

Leo Rising

The world sees you as extroverted, confident, vibrant, fun, dramatic, extremely creative, carefree, attention seeking, loyal, generous, ambitious, determined, persevering, conscientious, optimistic, and artistic. You want attention and flattery. You live in the moment and have a fiery energy. You are full of pride.

Your down side is demanding, thin-skinned, proud, and insecure. You could be overly dramatic. If someone hurts you or your ego, you lash out and your temper flares. You may act like a big shot or dress inappropriately just for attention.

You have broad shoulders and a large upper body, with slim hips and legs – just like a lion. Your clothes are flashy, colorful, and scream, “Look at me!” You dress to impress, but could be tacky. You have a full mane of long, light hair and very large gray or hazel eyes.

Virgo Rising

You are seen as organized, dependable, intelligent, hard working, reserved, critical, analytical, humble, and restless. You like things neat and clean. You need to be productive and of service to others. You are good with details.

Your negative side is judgmental, nervous, compulsive, high strung, and controlling. You can be controlling and tend to nag. You may have issues with self image because of your need for perfection.

You often look worried and are constantly moving. Your face is thin with almond shaped eyes that have an analytical squint to them. You like to look neat, clean, and professional; and may appear stiff. Your hair is darker, and you may go grey or bald early because of all the worrying you do.

Libra Rising

You are gracious, pleasant, sweet, charming, social, happy, creative, diplomatic, and collaborative. You enjoy being around others. You want an attractive and clean environment.

You Libra Rising peeps could be superficial and only care about looks. You may seem fake because you are people pleasers. You want to make everyone happy and could be indecisive. You tend to be undependable.

You are the most attractive people of the zodiac. You have a well-proportioned body and always look your best. Men may have a metrosexual look. Many are tall, slender and tend to look youthful with a round or oval face. You have smooth dark hair and blue or dark eyes.

Scorpio Rising

You are dark, mysterious, alluring, sexy, private, intense, intelligent, intimate, seductive, passionate, confident, warm, generous, strong willed, soulful, and deep. It takes time to get to know you. You are fiercely loyal to your friends and lovers.

The dark side of Scorpio Rising is vindictive, manipulative, and intimidating. You will never forget if someone has wronged you. It’s hard for you to trust others. You may seem detached and shut out others to the point of being lonely.

You are hot! hot! hot! You radiate sexual energy and attract others with your sensual energy. Even the way you walk is sexy! You tend to have deep dark eyes and a dark complexion. You are of average height. Your hair is thick, dark, wavy, or curly. You are physically strong and men have a muscular build. Your clothes are mostly black.

This is my Rising Sign – Oh! The secrets that I keep…

Sagittarius Rising

People see you as fun, vivacious, bright, adventurous, enthusiastic, sincere, independent, active, outspoken, and strong willed. You probably love animals more than people. You also have a serious side that is a wise teacher and seeker of truth.

The negative side of this rising sign is self riteous, commitment-phobic, and blunt. You are opinionated and brutally honest to the point where you may hurt others with your bluntness.

You stand very tall and slender with a lively, energetic vibe. You have long legs like a colt. You tend to dress casually. You have full, open features and a smile on your face. You have thick brunette hair with light or reddish tints. Your eyes are bright, shiny, and full of merriment.

Capricorn Rising

You present yourself as mature, organized, driven, responsible, ambitious, reserved, prepared, patient, and resilient. You are successful in whatever you set your mind to do. You like to help the less fortunate and are the ultimate do-gooder. You strive for greatness and you achieve it.

Your down side is materialistic, work-aholic, pessimistic, negative, and insecure. You may put on a front to impress others. You could become only interested in status and appearances. You need to remember there’s more to life than just work.

You are thin and bony, with a long thin neck, and are short or average in height. You have lovely bones and striking features. Your hair is black or dark and men may have a beard. You dress conservatively and go for the classics when it comes to style.

Aquarius Rising

You are an individual, offbeat, unique, unpredictable, and eccentric, truly an original. You are friendly, independent, creative, organized, idealistic, tolerant, and progressive. You are people oriented and ever the humanitarian. You love your freedom.

The other side of Aquarius Rising is scattered, you never settle on just one thing, jumping from one to the other. You may try too hard to be the weirdo. You are rebellious, antagonistic, and argumentative. You feel that you are superior to others intellectually. You may be unreliable or prone to exaggeration.

You don’t want to be like anyone else and there’s something about the way you look that is just different from everyone else. Your clothes could be eccentric or glamourous, you have your own fashion rules. You have a large face with eyes that sparkle with life. You may have an unusual hairstyle with thick, dark hair.

Pisces Rising

The self you show the world is dreamy, highly sensitive, hyper-intuitive, imaginative, creative, benevolent, and kind. You are compassionate and are always there to lend a helping hand. You have a deep connection to other worlds and could even be psychic.

You have the tendency to avoid reality and have difficulty coping with real life. You may try to escape by doing alcohol or drugs. You may not know who your true self is because you so easily adapt to others. You may blame others and play the victim.

You love loose, flowy clothing and funky jewelry. You are small and have a well-proportioned physique. You have large, dreamy eyes with long lashes. You have a softness to your appearance. You may be pale with lots of hair. Your hands and feet are noticeably small.

* When it comes to appearance in the zodiac, there is nothing to be found on people of color. Sorry to all of my readers who find the appearance section does not apply to them.

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