The Divine

So you may be asking yourself, where is God in all of this? Well, my dear, God is everywhere! Since starting my spiritual journey, I have never felt closer or have known God more fully. What I have found is that no matter what type of supernatural, metaphysical, or magical practice you study, God is in the center of it. I could not practice tarot or be a psychic medium without God or Spirit guiding and protecting me.

I grew up in a Catholic household. We went to CCD on Saturdays and made our sacraments. There was a time when my family went to church every Sunday, then we became PACE Catholics (Palm Sunday, Ash Wednesday, Christmas, and Easter), and then it came to a point when we stopped going all together. After getting married and having kids, I knew I wanted to raise them as Catholics. I wanted my children to have a basis in religion and grow up with the same traditions and faith as me. Thank God I chose a church with Augustinian priests, who believe in living with and serving the community. Joining a church that welcomed me with open arms was the first step in my true spiritual development, but that was only the beginning.

When you are raised in a religion, you are taught what to believe, how to pray, and who to pray to. There is a sort of standard that you must follow in order to be considered a “Christian” or “saved.” You may questions these standards, but in the end, there are rules that must be followed. When I found tarot, I began to explore “religion” with a newfound clarity. I began to questions my beliefs and where they came from. I never understood (or liked) the idea that God was masculine and that every thing I learned about was described from a masculine viewpoint. Where was the Divine feminine and where did I fit into this patriarchal faith? Tarot and Astrology led me to explore the Divine in new ways. I found the Divine feminine through my own questioning and exploration of Spirit. I found that I could keep my old way of thinking (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and develop a new way of thinking about the Divine (Maiden, Mother, Crone). I could combine these to form a whole new basis for my spiritual life. In this, I have found more peace, gratitude, and belief in God than I ever had in the past. I cannot say it did not come with struggle or confusion, but I will say that I feel comfortable with my ever transforming beliefs. I still call myself a Catholic, and always will, but now I am something more. I have found God in everything and everyone, and that has made all the difference.

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I am a psychic medium, tarot reader, and mystical mind.

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