Moon Signs

The moon is the reflection of your heart

and moonlight is the twinkle of your love

Debasish Mridha

Your Sun sign shows how you shine, but the moon shows how you reflect the world around you. While the Sun reveals your identity and life purpose; the moon represents your instincts and reactions. The moon tells what lies below the surface – your unconscious, your emotions, the things you keep hidden. It is how you express yourself, whether in joy and pleasure, or sadness and fear. Your intuition, as well as your feminine and maternal instincts, lie here. The moon describes what you need to feel secure, how to care for yourself, and how you nurture others. It also divulges the type of relationship you have with your mother and how you parent. It gives a depiction of what you need in a relationship.

If you don’t know your moon sign, there are many websites and apps where you can get your entire zodiac chart for free. I use the AstroMatrix and TimePassages apps. Free charts are also available at or If you do a general search for free astrology birth chart, you will find more. You will need your date and time of birth, and the location of your birth, for the most accurate birth chart.


plunges into relationships, bold and passionate, fearless, impatient, talkative, short attention span, takes emotional risks, emotionally restless, enthusiastic, energetic, impulsive, decisive, forceful, self confident, adventurous, independent, short tempered, generous, controlling, demands freedom, opinionated, domineering, vain


kind, gentle, patient, resourceful, sensual, loyal, reliable, calm, craves security, takes things slowly, stubborn, relentless, loves comfort, steady, romantic, committed, affectionate, smothering, possessive

The moon is exalted in Taurus, this means it is comfortable and at its best in this sign. My moon is in Taurus!


more intellectual than emotional, analytical, communicative, charming, restless, needs constant stimulation, happy go lucky, talkative, witty, extremely impressionable, free spirited, high strung, irritable, amusing, cannot stand being bored, versatile, expressive, open, critical, quick to make judgments, superficial,

manipulative, disorganized


sensitive, imaginative, nurturing, loyal, sympathetic, sentimental, deeply intuitive, moody, protective, loving, mothering, tender, touchy, vulnerable, protective, possessive, self pitying, creative, gentle, nagging, emotional, powerful feelings, craves security

The moon rules Cancer so it feels very much at home here.


exuberant, positive, dramatic, theatrical, sensitive, likes to be the center of attention, highly expressive, prideful, deeply loyal, great sense of humor, fun loving, sociable, playful, petty, affectionate, bold, open minded, creative, conceited, over bearing, jealous, enthusiastic, self indulgent


analytical, practical, realist, meticulous, organized, responsible, high strung, logical,

cool headed, loves to serve, orderly, reserved, detached, critical, steadfast, perfectionist, worrisome, skeptical, concerned with security, professional, fussy, judgmental, efficient, cautious, standoffish, craves stability, does not like feeling vulnerable


romantic, charming, popular, diplomatic, polite, calm, adaptable, good natured, warm, indulgent, understanding, tolerant, values beauty and art, peaceful, needs reassurance, open, indecisive, avoids conflicts, elegant, balanced emotional nature, peaceful, frivolous, changeable


intense, passionate, sexy, psychic, imaginative, forceful, great self control, emotions run deep and strong, great willpower, observant, ambitious, emotional, determined, vengeful, secretive, spiritualist, has high standards, sensual, slow to commit, idealistic, escapist, obstinate, jealous, domineering, did I say intense?

The Moon is at its fall in Scorpio. This is supposedly the worst position for the Moon to have. What do you think?


big hearted, adventurous, optimistic, honest, friendly, adaptable, enjoys new experiences, careless, reckless, exuberant, sincere, emotionally restless, conversationalist, easily bored, easy going, restless, extravagant, irresponsible, charming, genial, witty, good humored, humanitarian, candid, careless, need independence, can be emotionally immature


controlled emotions, disciplined, structured, reserved, responsible, sensitive, patient, committed, stable, organized, ambitious, self sufficient, determined, trustworthy, great providers, knowledgeable, impeccable manners, dry sense of humor, stoic, insecure, pessimistic, selfish, opinionated, materialistic, prone to depression, obsessive


logical, humanitarian, altruistic, loyal, imaginative, well rounded, tolerant, idealistic, well balanced emotionally, scientific minded, visionary, friendly, sociable, witty, outgoing, emotionally detached, loves the unusual, unpredictable, aloof, opinionated, needs freedom, tactless


deep, extremely sensitive, loving, compassionate, sympathetic, intuitive, emotional, makes great sacrifices for others, compassionate, loyal, impossible romantic, dreamer, escapist, indecisive, artistic, imaginative, psychic, empathic, discontented, secretive, defensive, vulnerable

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