Down the Rabbit Hole

the little girl

just could not sleep

because her thoughts

were way too deep

her mind had gone

out for a stroll

and fallen down

the rabbit hole

Lewis carroll, alice in wonderland

Prepare to be Amazed…

That’s what someone should have told me when I started my Spirit Tarot Life! If you choose to join me on this fool’s journey, be prepared to take a dive into the never ending world of metaphysical mumbo jumbo! My journey has taken me into all sorts of realms including: tarot, mediumship, astrology, secret societies, chakras, reiki, meditation, crystals, energy, psychic abilities, ghosts, UFOs, kabbalah, yoga, psychic protection, wicca, magick, essential oils, near death experiences, spirit guides, spirit animals, totem animals, angels, saints, …

the list goes on and on…

and is still growing…

One thing I can assure you is that you will never stop learning and you will never grow bored!

As my mediumship abilities were first beginning to develop, I had a dream. I was in another world, in another body, with a group of people like me. Another group of people kept attacking us. My group did not want to fight them, but they kept coming after us. At one point in my dream, I was on a boat with a trident in one hand. I looked down at my other hand and I was holding a note that said, “Hineni.” I have never in my life seen or heard that word, I didn’t even know it was real. One of the leaders of the opposing group came to me and told me that if I stayed in this world, I could never leave. I had to make a choice. When I woke up, I wrote my dream down, intending to look up the word later.

Later on, the story of Abraham and Isaac popped into my head. You know the one, where God tells Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Abraham is just about to kill his son, when God pops back up and says, “Whoa! Stop! I see how faithful you are to me now. You don’t have to sacrifice your son.” Any time I hear this story, I think, “no way God would ever toy like that with anyone! That’s just sick!” I don’t know why I thought about this story in particular, but here’s where it gets strange…

I google Hineni. The story of Abraham comes up. I find out that when God calls out to Abraham (and Moses, and Samuel), Abraham responds, Hineni, not knowing what God is about to ask him to do. Hineni is a powerful Hebrew word which means, “Here I am.” Not meaning, I’m present, but I am ready, I stand with you, I am willing to give up anything for you, I am totally available and willing, I give myself to you fully. Wow!

So, here’s my interpretation of the dream: My soul is evolving and my world is being transformed. There are some people that will take this journey with me. There will be others that oppose me or won’t believe me, who make me feel like I don’t belong or say I’m crazy. I will not understand their opposition and I do not feel like I should have to defend my beliefs to them. There will be some people that I will lose during my transformation, but others will stick by my side.

The boat is a symbol of my journey into the mystical realm. The water around the boat being intuition, renewal, or transformation. The symbol of the trident, or the Greek letter psi, is a symbol for the human soul and also a symbol of power. As I’m going through this transformation, I will become more in tune with my soul, and have more power or control over my abilities. I believe that God or Spirit has given me my psychic abilities for the good of the world. Having psychic abilities isn’t always going to be easy and I will have to make sacrifices, but I will take on the challenge. Hineni – I am here.

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I am a psychic medium, tarot reader, and mystical mind.

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