Coming Out of the (Psychic) Closet

Hi, I’m Michelle and I am psychic.

Whew! I did it, and not without second thoughts (or third, or fourth, or one millionth). With butterflies in my stomach and having a slight panic attack, I sent the invitation to my Mystical Minds Facebook page out to everyone on my friends’ list today. There is nothing like the fear of telling the world that you’re a psychic medium.

To some of you, this may come as no surprise. I may have given you a tarot reading or given you a message from a loved one on the other side. You are the people I was least worried about. I shared my secret with you because I knew you would accept and support me no matter how crazy my abilities may seem. Wonderfully crazy, one of you would call it and I’d have to agree.

As for the rest of you, Surprise! Your friend is a medium! She reads tarot cards! ….

and now for the skeptics and naysayers to have their say…

Well, I’m not here to fight with you, change your beliefs, or bend you to my will. Although I probably could. Bend you to my will. If I really wanted to. I’m sure I could find a spell somewhere…

Just kidding, I’m not into mind control or hexes or anything malevolent. I do talk to dead people though. No joke.

For those of you who may be wondering, I’ll start by telling you how my mediumship abilities work:

First, I need permission from a living person to get messages from their loved one who has passed. Getting permission simply means you coming to me asking for a reading. I don’t have spirits or ghosts hanging around me 24/7. I’m no Haley Joel Osment or anything. I’ve set up boundaries so that spirits can’t contact me unless I call them to me and I have permission from their loved one. I’m not walking up to random people on the street giving them messages from the dead. Im not that kind of crazy. Yet. (Note to those of you at home: make sure you set up psychic protections before trying any type of spirit contact at home. This is the most important step! You don’t want anything strange showing up without your permission.)

My next step is looking at a picture of the person, preferably alone, with a clear view of their eyes. “The eyes are the window to the soul” is not just a cliche. Somehow, this is where the connection comes in.

This is where things get weird… through meditation I raise my vibration to a higher level, then I hear messages and see pictures given to me from above. Sometimes the messages are crystal clear, other times, not so much. Every spirit is different and each has their own “feel” or personality. Some are very talkative, others are quiet. Some lead me through the readings, others I have to lead. Each reading is unique to the spirit and the person who is receiving the message. I try not to interpret anything, I just tell you what I see, hear, and feel. This is a time when a duck isn’t always a duck. A word or message may mean one thing to me, but have a completely different meaning to you. Messages come in quick and quiet, so the names I receive may be a little off. I may only hear the first sound or hear a name that sounds similar. I leave it up to the receiver of the message to interpret.

So now you may be wondering what the lottery numbers are…

Sorry, but my abilities don’t work that way. I can only give out what I receive from your loved ones, my spirit guides, angels, and Spirit. Trust me, I’ve asked, but Spirit isn’t telling. I’ll keep trying though, believe me!

“I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.”
– Carl Jung

It still surprises me that I have mediumship abilities. It’s definitely a gift to be able to receive these messages, and a joy to give them to you.

Contact me on the page link above or at for a mediumship or tarot reading.

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I am a psychic medium, tarot reader, and mystical mind.

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